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• Greccio Sanctuary
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• Poggio Bustone
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• Poggio Bustone
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• Poggio Bustone
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• Poggio Bustone
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Home > Maps, Accomodations and Paths > Other Maps of the Walk

Other Maps of the Walk

Screen of Walk maps with Google Earth

You can navigate the map with GPS references and coordinates as follows:

or Download the map of the Walk and upload it onto your Goggle Earth (.kml, 51 kb)
or follow this link to Google Maps

If you don’t have Google Earth and would like to install it, go to the following link.

Download the map The Walk from Piediluco to Rieti (ed. 2010) (.pdf, 78 MB)
Download the map Last 100 km to Rome (ed. 2010) (.pdf, 118 MB)

Would you like to have all the paths of the walk under control so you don’t get lost? It’s easy! Just download the following files in the universal GPX format onto your portable GPS system:

Download the Fonte Colombo-Greccio tract (.gpx, 66 kb)
Download the Greccio-Poggio Bustone via Riserva dei Laghi tract (.gpx, 13 kb)
Download the Greccio-Poggio Bustone tract (.gpx, 12 kb)
Download the La Foresta-Rieti tract (.gpx, 4 kb)
Download the Poggio Bustone-Faggio di San Francesco tract (.gpx, 8 kb)
Download the Poggio Bustone-La Foresta tract (.gpx, 12 kb)
Download the Poggio Bustone-Sacro Speco tract (.gpx, 2 kb)
Download the Poggio Bustone-Terminillo tract (.gpx, 21 kb)
Download the Rieti-Fonte Colombo tract (.gpx, 5 kb)

Download the Walk from Piediluco to Rieti tract (.gpx, 1,5 mb)
Download the Last 100 km to Rome tract (.gpx, 971 kb)

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Images of the Walk
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The best images and a 360° view of the scenarios along the Walk.
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Pilgrim's Tales
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Certificate Holders' Register
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