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Home > The Saint Francis Walk > Pilgrim's Kit

Pilgrim's Kit
View of the Pilgrim's Passport
On this page you will find everything you need to organize your Walk in the Sacred Valley.

If you wish to receive this information directly to your home, send a request including your mailing address to the following email address: .
We will send you the Pilgrim's Kit at no charge.

The Kit includes:

The new mapp (2009).

  Piediluco alla Valle Santa Reatina (formato .pdf, 1 Mb).

  Piediluco - Faggio di San Francesco - Poggio Bustone (formato .pdf, 14,5 Mb).

  Poggio Bustone - La Foresta - Rieti (formato .pdf, 9,5 Mb).

  Rieti - Fontecolombo - Greccio (formato .pdf, 19 Mb).

  Greccio - Riserva dei laghi Lungo e Ripasottile - Poggio Bustone
(pdf, 18,5 Mb).

  Poggio Bustone - Sacro Speco - Terminillo (pdf, 14,5 Mb).

  Other Information (pdf, 700 Kb).


  Accommodation Facilities in the Province of Rieti 2006 (.pdf, 2 Mb)

  Farm Holiday Facilities in the Province of Rieti 2006 (.pdf, 4,8 Mb)

  Bicycle Tours in the Province of Rieti 2004 (.pdf, 7 Mb)
(Only in electronic format).

  Guide "Terminillo - An oasis in the clouds (2009) (pdf, 40 MB)


  Note! The Pilgrim's Passport can be picked up directly at one of the four Franciscan Sanctuaries, Fontecolombo, Greccio, La Foresta and Poggio Bustone.
You can download a preview of the Pilgrim's Passport (.pdf, 188 Kb).

  Riding Stables and Mountain Bike Rentals (.pdf, 44Kb)
(Only in electronic format).
List of riding stables and contact info for bicycle and mountain bike rental facilities.


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Images of the Walk
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The best images and a 360° view of the scenarios along the Walk.
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Pilgrim's Tales
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Certificate Holders' Register
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