The road crosses “La Piana” (The Plane) and ends under the slopes of the Mount Calvo, near Vocabolo Pratolungo. Here the track splits: if you head South you climb towards Santo Paolo Alto, continuing the walk towards Ponticelli; heading North you go towards Farfa. After about 1.6 Km of gravel road turn left (heading west) on Via delle Cave till the end of the road and you’ll arrive in the Osteria Nuova locality. Cross the bridge that passes over State Route SS4 “Salaria” and continue for about 400 m on the Via Mirtense and then, near the church and the Grotta dei Massacci (Massacci Cave), a monument grave dating back to the 2nd century enclosed in a country house. Turn left and walk for about 1.8 km on the
dirt/paved road that runs almost parallel to the state route until you come to it, near a small group of houses. Continue along another little road on the South side that also runs along almost parallel to the state road, until you get to an underpass that brings you back to the north side, carrying on into Via Archipiglione. Enter this road turning left (heading west) and walk it for about 4 km as it becomes Strada Comunale Carlo Corso, until you come to the provincial road Farfense in the medieval village of Toffia.
Turn right towards the historical centre and immediately before the arch entry in the wall, turn right on Via Giacomo Matteotti. The road descends steeply towards the Strada Comunale Farfense, which you take turning left (heading west). Descend until the bottom of the little valley and cross the bridge, continuing on the opposite site of the brook, along the little road that more or less follows the gorge’s path. You will pass near a football field, which will be on your left. After a short distance among the trees, the little road crosses an open field where you have a grand view of the Farfa Abbey, among the most important Benedictine sanctuaries in Italy and in Europe and is also a stopping point for the Benedictine Way (, on a rising among the hills on the left. Shortly afterwards you will come across the brook again, which runs through the plane practically level to the
little road: you can wade across it, or cross it using the iron bridge. Now climb for the last part of the route leading into the Farfa village.